We are Encrite

A Rotterdam based creative & production studio that works for brands and agencies. We integrate concept, creation and production under one roof. We support new companies, get brands started and refresh existing ones. Within our assignments and clients, we are always looking for diversity, new adventures and challenges. We love to work with other disciplines and handpick the best people for the job. We scale to fit!
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Film / Photography / Content / Production / Concept Development / Storytelling / Art & Creative Direction



Campaigns / Online commercials / TV-commercials / Creative Content / Product Photography



Awards & publications

Auping Evolve – Dutch Creativity Awards 2021 | Society (Bronze Lamp)
Auping Evolve – Dutch Creativity Awards 2021 | Craft (Nomination)
Auping Evolve – SAN Accent 2021 | Durables (Winner)
Auping Evolve – Esprix 2021 | Durables (Bronze)
Auping Evolve – SAN Accent 2021 | Actualiteiten (Nomination)
Henri Winkelman Award 2020 | Second Prize
Takk – Featuring on Visual Journal
Takk – Featuring on World Packaging Design
Chocomel – SAN Accent 2017 | Fast Moving (Winner)
Chocomel – Dutch Interactive Award (Gold)

Elmar JanseElmar Janse